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Palm Trees

Landscaping with Palm Trees

Palm trees are a beautiful addition to landscape design. Landscaping with palms can often be a challenge if you don’t have expert knowledge on the class of trees. Our Arborists have in-depth knowledge on the care of a wide variety of Arizona common palm trees. We can guide our clients on choosing the correct type of palm tree  when planting new palms for design installation. We base our recommendations on choosing the palms based on the continual care the palm trees will require, the growth cycle, and the associated problems  specific palm trees are susceptible to. Our team will ensure we install the best fit for landscaping with palm trees in Phoenix and our clients needs.

Types of Palm Trees for Landscaping Design

When deciding which type of palm tree to plant, consider the follow categories:

Centerpiece and Focal Palm Trees
Grouping Palm Trees
Arizona Drought Tolerate Palm Trees
Palm Trees for High Moisture Areas
Shade Palm Trees
Indoor Palm Trees
Street or Driveway Lined Palm Trees
Poolside and Potted Palm Trees
Ground Cover Palm Trees (under 12 feet)
Medium Sized Palm Trees (up to 50 feet)
Large Sized Palm Trees (over 40 feet)

Palm Tree Selection and Care

Once Phoenix Valley Landscaping helps you choose which palm trees are best for your property layout needs, we will cover the necessary care required for each of the select palm trees. Fertilization is incredibly important for almost all types of trees and plants, especially for particular palm trees. This is even more necessary when the palm trees are young and newly planted.  PVL provides year-round care and fertilization for your palm trees.  We have the knowledge to get your palm growing healthy and strong.  Contact our aroborists today for more information about palm tree planting and care.

With an on-site visit from one of our arborist, any palm trees with a bacterial or fungal disease can be diagnosed and treated. If the palm can not be reversed to good health, we can follow up with a tree removal estimate and service. Most palm trees, especially those found in Arizona, are very acceptable to drought conditions, however the problem can exist based on your location and irrigation-sprinker systems. Some palm trees also have deficiencies in different types of minerals needed for their good health. Insect and bug infestations can also be dangerous to your palm. The Phoenix Valley Arborists will provide recommendations and point out any concerns we may see at the time of consultations.

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Tree Install and Removal Service Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

residential-tree-removal by Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Elite Tree Install and Removal Service in the Phoenix Valley

Phoenix Valley Landscaping  has over 50 years of combined tree install and removal experience. Our master arborists can tackle any landscape or tree service need, large or small for our customers.

Arbor Management Services

Arbor Management services are an important part of landscape design and management. Newly planted trees require extra attention and our staff at Phoenix Valley Landscaping has the skills and experience to aid in tree services.

Our landscapers keep a keen eye on ensuring existing trees have adequate moisture at the root zone at all times to maintain healthy growth. Our groundskeepers check stakes and water frequently to keep your trees growing.

Granular fertilizers are also applied on an as needed basis to avoid nutrient deficiencies. Other pro-active maintance includes removal of tree suckers, except for salvage trees during establishment periods.

Our landscaping team at Phoenix Valley Landscaping will keep your trees in healthy condition year-round.

For customers looking for new installation, a dedicated account representative will show you the tree options for the environment they are to be planted within. Caring for the growth and pruning throughout the season is worry – free when you leave the pruning, maintenance and tree care services to our professionals.

for trees as needed to keep sidewalks, streets and pathways clear. Pruning shall be performed to obtain a natural form and appearance as appropriate for each variety. Pruning above eight feet (8’) is not included in this contract.

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is a specialty of Phoenix Valley Landscaping. We take pride in knowing each removal will leave minimal effects after it has been trimmed or completely taken out from the stump.

Tree removal is imperative once a tree is no longer living. Hazardous trees require safe and controlled removal. Our team focuses on safety for not only our specialists but for other people in the area and their property.

Our equipment combined with the expertise makes Phoenix Valley Landscaping a top choice for all your tree removal needs.


Tree Trimming and Pruning |Phoenix Valley Tree Trimming Experts- Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Trimming & Pruning

Phoenix Valley’s Tree Trimming Experts

Phoenix Valley’s tree pruning arborists are highly trained and experienced. We know and understand many of Arizona’s tree and shrub species and the required care. Trimming helps with the overall health of your plants, promoting growth and strength of the branch structure.

It’s important to hire a specialist when it comes to trimming and pruning to avoid unnecessary cuts and damage to your plants.  We follow the required city and town guideline and take safety precautions whenever we are working with large tree trimming or removal.

Keep your landscaping beautiful and your plants and trees healthy. Contact Phoenix Valley Landscaping today for an estimate.

Fruitless Olive Tree Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Olive Trees

Arizona Olive Trees

Beginning around 1960, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona banned and discouraged the planting and fruiting of Olive Trees. Nursuries and landscapers in these cities are no longer allowed to plant or sell olive trees that fruit. The Olive tree is known for high allergenic qualities and compromising the air quality.

Fruitless Olive Trees

Many counties in Arizona allow the planting of non pollinating Olive Trees. There are several varieties of the non pollinating Olive Tree, which is hypoallergenic. The debate with Olive trees is that over time, these trees can revert back to their natural state and begin pollinating and fruiting.

Why Fruitless Olive Trees are Desired Trees in Arizona

Olive Trees are drought tolerant, and very good options for shade trees in Arizona landscapes. Olive trees require full sun and grow well in stony, shallow soils.


Landscaping Tree Service Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Tree-Service by Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Landscaping Tree Service Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona has a year round climate for growing beautiful trees. Along with this advantage comes the necessary means to care for those trees.

Regular tree maintenance keeps your landscaping healthy and beautiful. At Phoenix Valley Landscaping we understand the importance of tree maintenance in your overall landscape design. We work with our customers for scheduled pruning and trimming of trees.  We also specialize in tree and stump removal services with reseeding.

Our landscapers have the knowledge to care for multiple types of Arizona Palm Trees. For more information about our tree services or for questions on tree care,  contact us today.