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BRIDGEPORT. W. Va. (WDTV) — Ginger Darrough doesn’t spend much time inside her house these days. She’s usually enjoying her back patio under her new smart pergola.

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“I’ve had work parties out here. I’ve even had employees come and work here for the day, so it’s just been a hit. Everybody loves it. Very few people have ever seen it, but they love it,” said Darrough.

Regular pergolas have been around since ancient Rome, but only recently did they become “smart” – equipped with moveable louvers that let you control the amount of sunlight that filters through.

“You can have shade any time of day because it doesn’t matter where the sun is. You can rotate the louvers at 150-degree rotation, so you can create shade but maintain an open roof,” said Anna Bertolini, of the Smart Pergola.

With the louvers open, the heat of the day escapes instead of getting trapped underneath. And if the weather turns wet, the adjustable aluminum slats close completely. Built-in sensors can do this automatically, even when you’re not home.

“It’s rain-tight, has the gutter system that goes all the way around that collects the water. And that’s taken away in a downspout that’s inside one of our columns,” said Bertolini.


Smart Pergola


“A new trend we’re seeing is smart pergolas, which allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather isn’t ideal. They can be placed near your home or even out in the yard, but remember when talking to your contractor, they may require a building permit to install,” said Angie Hicks, founder of Angie’s List.

Ginger’s 800-foot structure took over a week to install – longer than expected, but well worth the wait.

“It looks good, it feels good. It’s still very open. I just love it,” she said.

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Pergola: Latin meaning a protective eave, gazebo or and extension of a building that would serve as protection for areas between pavilions and open terraces.

Pergola is a steel or aluminum frame that is used mainly used as a gardening feature that create shaded walkways, passageways and sitting areas. By using the cross beams as a sturdy open lattice you can train vines, woody vines and a select species of tree to grow around it and produce shade.

Pergola’s should not be compared to arbours since they are constructed in wood and the structure is much smaller with smaller openings.

Pergola is used in place of the old plastic and aluminum patio covers, enjoy the look of real wood without the maintenance and deterioration, plus it is very durable and easy to clean.. Pergola Patio Covers work well in Arizona with it ability to withstand the heat without the typical sag of natural wood and aluminum awnings. We can custom design you a Pergola structure for any use you want, so please call us or set up an appointment and let us help you with the design and installation of your dream yard!.

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