Hardscaping Including Natural Stone Travertine Porches,  Custom Built Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens, Retaining Walls and More!

Added Value with Customized Hardscaping

With PVL’s hardscaping services, you will love your surroundings.  Add value to your home or business with beautifully installed and functional outdoor hardscape installations.

Hardscaping Design and Build

Phoenix Valley Landscaping has professional hardscaping design and build services for residential and commercial clients. We can create an oasis designed to your specifications and liking. We  install outdoor kitchens and barbecue’s, fire pits, retaining walls, patios, natural stone side walks and entryway’s, gardens and more. We also specialize in installation of water features including, waterfalls and pool copings.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

We work with high-quality commercial distributors that frequently offer better-quality products and materials than retail garden centers.  Phoenix Valley Landscaping’s long-standing relationship with these distributors grant us cost savings that ultimately transfer to our customers.

Hardscape Materials

Hardscaping Pavers

Pavers are available in many shapes and sizes. They are generally admired for their durability and rich look. Often, pavers are used for hardscaping construction on patios, pool decks, coping or wall caps.

Phoenix Valley Landscaping offers several stone paver options, including the most favored, Travertine. Other options include Limestone, Marble, Slate, Bassalt, Sandstone, and Porcelain.

Hardscaping Cement Porcelain Pavers

Cement porcelain tiles, resemble the look and style of stained or stamped concrete. Porcelain tiles offer consistent color protection and can withstand high tolerances of foot traffic. Durability with class.


Phoenix Valley Landscaping has such a wide array of natural stone products in all shapes and styles. For a full description of materials and additional samples please contact us.


Transform your entryway, courtyard, business storefront, or backyard! Contact one of our dedicate service representatives for a free professional consultation today! Call us at 602-200-1749.

Landscape Design and Installation

Design & Install

Professional Project Designers and Landscape Design Installation Specialists

At Phoenix Valley Landscaping, we offer new construction or full installation landscape design services for commercial and residential customers. Work one-on-one with a dedicate and knowledgeable designer to bring your outdoor haven to life. We are here to guide you from the initial concept design phase all the way through to the installation process. Our expertly trained landscape designers and installers offer continuous customer service to answer any questions you may have regarding the project.

Bring your Concepts to Life with our Landscape Design Services

Our experts provide guidance on the optimal space utilization, materials, design trends and turf or plant care. When you choose Phoenix Valley Landscaping, we take pride in helping guide our clients through each phase of the landscape design process. We listen to what your wants and needs are prior to  presenting you with customized rendered designs.

Landscape Conceptualization

Not sure what you want for transforming your outdoor space? The design experts at Phoenix Valley Landscaping have the answers. We work with each of our clients to design a space that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing.  We work hand-in-hand with you to review all materials, plants, and installation processes to guarantee your finished project stays on track, on budget, and to your desired specifications

Keep the Guesswork out of the Design Process: Vivid 3-D, Life-Like Renderings

Like many of our clients, chances are good you have a general idea of what you would like out of your outdoor living space. If it’s your personal oasis in your backyard, maybe it’s a pool with a natural stone waterfall,  a maintenance free turf area to relax in the sun, or a full custom designed kitchen you’ve been seeking. Whatever it is you have desired, our team at Phoenix Valley Landscaping has the training and experience to transform your dream outdoor space into a reality. Our professional team has the tools and knowledge to build authentic, beautiful outdoor dream spaces. See your ideas in 2D concept drawings or with 3D, walk-through tilt perspectives.


Outdoor Living Design Experts Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Outdoor Living

Take Advantage of Outdoor Living

Arizona’s climate offers residents the opportunity to take advantage of outdoor living throughout the year. Our expert landscape installation specialist have the experience to create ultimate outdoor kitchens, pool areas, gardens and more.

Exterior kitchens are the key to enjoying outdoor entertainment at home.

Enjoy an array of options from grill tops, refrigeration, kegerators, cook tops, beverage bars, and more. Custom appliance built-ins will be designed to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy year-round.

Phoenix Valeey Landscaping is your Outdoor Living Design Experts Phoenix!

If you can dream it – we can build it.


Synthetic Putting Greens Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Putting Greens

Synthetic Grass Putting Greens and Turf

Discover the perfect solution for year-round green looking grass with our synthetic putting greens.

Our synthetic putting greens are the best solution for a low maintenance, high quality green turf.  We provide real bunkers, true bent grass putting greens that are ready to play on year-round. Choose simulate bent grass, perfect for short or long distance. Enjoy the comfort of knowing the greens will never fade, they are realistic and withstand years of use.

Benefits to synthetic putting greens

When you choose a low maintenance synthetic putting green, there is no mowing, trimming, edging or watering needed! Skip drying time, and enjoy 24 hour use.  Never miss your shot again due to bare or brown spots. And as for chemicals and fertilizers, they are no longer needed with synthetic putting greens and grass.



Water Features For Landscaping in Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

water-features by Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Water Features that create a statement

Arizona’s warm climate calls for plenty of time spent outdoors. Water features such as fountainscapes and waterfall installations enhance outdoor spaces. Add a calming  and welcoming water feature to your space that  requires very little maintenance. Ask our experts at Phoenix Valley Landscape about the different water feature options available that meets your design style and space.


When a formal, elegant space is desired, choose too add a fountainscape. We offer all sizes and shapes of urns. Each fountainscape is equipped with a resevoir/basin to circulate the water making it a great feature for any location.

Waterfall Installation

Lately, it seems like outdoor living is all the rage. Especially when the weather’s warm, you probably like going to cookouts and pool parties, or even just sitting on the patio to watch the sunset. You might even know someone with a pool or garden, if you don’t have one yourself. If you’ve been considering ways to enhance your outdoor space this year, installing a small water feature might be a great way to go.

A small water feature can be many things — a fountain, waterfall, rock pond or birdbath. It can take many forms and use flowing or standing water to enhance an outdoor area.

Small water features are a surefire way to give your space a little something extra without necessarily spending a lot of money. Not only are they beautiful, but these additions will offer you and your guests a nice, tranquil and relaxing outdoor space.

  • Pond less Water features
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Drip Systems

Boulder Landscape Design in Phoenix | Rocks For Landscape Design Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

boulders-and-rocks by Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Create Beautiful Ground Cover by adding Boulders and Rocks to your Landscape Design

Let our experts at Phoenix Valley Landscaping add character and beauty to your landscape design with unique boulders and rocks. Our Boulder Landscape Design in Phoenix is Rock Solid! Adding rock as ground cover provides many benefits to your landscaping.We can help you use the correct rocks for your Xeriscape project as well as lighting for your pathways.

Rocks help control moisture levels by slowing down water evaporation. Rocks also hold in heat during the peak hours of the day and then slowly release it throughout the night. By creating a stable temperature and water absorption rate, plants and flowers have much better environmental conditions to thrive within. Our Rocks for Landscape Design Phoenix are Solid and provide great drainage when the monsoons come.

While there is a wide variety of boulders and rocks to choose from, a few of Arizona favorites are listed below:

Preferred Arizona Boulder Options:

Platinum Mist Marble Boulders
Sugar Plum Boulders
Jesse Red Boulders
Arizona Blond Boulders
Arizona Jade Boulders
Sedona Red Boulders
Yavapai Coral Boulders
Surface Select Granite Boulders

Preferred Arizona Rock Options:

Madison Gold Rocks
Black Cherry Rocks
Ginger Brown Rocks
Palomino Gold Rocks
Arizona Blonde Rocks
Cinnamon Brown Rocks
Sierra Verde Rocks (3″- 8″)
Jesse Red Rocks (3″- 8″)
Autumn Gold Rocks (3″- 8″)
River Rocks (Mix)
Apache Pink Rocks
Jesse Red Rocks
Yavapai Coral Rocks
Desert Spice Rocks