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Irrigation Management

Commercial Irrigation Management Services

Irrigation Management

Phoenix Valley Landscaping Irrigation Management Services, provides professional irrigation technicians who will supply a property assessment and and recommendations for Irrigation improvements.

PVL works with large and small commercial properties including businesses, apartments, HOAs, public facilities, and more. Our goal is to maintain a sustainable ecosystem of plants, grass, and foliage with expert installation and use of irrigation systems. Our irrigation and landscape experts provide an initial assessment of your current irrigation and sprinkler systems. Recommendations to current water system will be presented to property manager, maintenance and regular audits are provided. We will also work with property managers to execute the installation of a new irritation system if one is not present.

Irrigation Management Benefits

  • Smart controllers help conserve water usage
  • Budget conscious
  • Healthier plants, flowers, and grass
  • Saves watering time / cuts back on labor hours
  • Reuse of excess groundwater
  • Low-maintenance
  • Sustainable
  • Reliable and regular care for landscape investments
  • Improve the look of your property and add value

Irrigation Management Services Available:

  • Installation of new irrigation systems or repairs to any existing irrigation systems.
  • Regular monitoring and adjustment of irrigation systems as needed. Irrigation controllers are precisely programmed according to seasonal needs and to accommodate the needs of the property.
  • Inspection of the entire irrigation system for proper operation. All drip system hardware, where accessible, are inspected monthly for proper operation.
  • Contractor will chart the common area irrigation water usage on a monthly basis to assist the property manager/owner in accurate budgeting.
  • Phoenix Valley Landscaping will provide audits and reporting to property managers as a pro-active approach to lawn care and irrigation management.

Irrigation Scheduling

Scheduling proper irrigation levels and  irrigation times is key to the most proficient irrigation management process. Taking accurate measurements of soil moisture aides in determining when water is needed and how much water is required.  Phoenix Valley Landscaping utilizes current technology to provide accurate reporting to determine how to install and regulate irrigation systems, specific to each property.  This method conserves water and maximizes the net return on your water usage. Regular monitoring of soil saturation and water utilization reports are created and shared with property managers on a per-determined basis.

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