New Lawn Installation with Custom brick curbing


Landscape design experts at Phoenix Valley Landscaping know how to transform your backyard!

Our team just finished an overhaul on the backyard of a Phoenix, AZ home. The previous homeowners already had a very large sized pool and back patio, yet something was missing from this backyard oasis. The yard was bare and was missing lush green grass and a paved walkway to the swimming pool.

The design architects worked closely with the  new owners to plan an elegant patio layout with a custom brick walkway to the pool area. Our crew also graded and seeded the yard and installed a new sprinkler system. The upgraded sprinklers made programming the watering process of the new grass a breeze. In no time the backyard went from dirt to a welcoming grassy area.

We now have on more happy homeowner with a wonderful outdoor space for their family to enjoy throughout the year.