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 Landscape Drainage Solutions

Drainage Solutions for the Phoenix Valley

The Phoenix Valley is flat and the ground soil is is very dense, making it difficult to absorb water.  When there is higher than average rain, or flooding, drainage problems can occur. Many of the potential drainage issues from excessive water can be resolved by landscape design and landscape drainage solutions.

The best solution to drainage can be solved by re-purposing the extra runoff water. Natural irrigation can aid in plant growth without drowning out or causing swamp area to rise.

Seek a Drainage and Landscape Expert for Water Solutions

Our residential landscape and commercial landscape professionals at Phoenix Valley Landscaping have expertly trained knowledge on water solutions including drainage and irrigation services. Our specialist will meet with you to observe your property and drainage problems. Our thorough audit will pin-point where the drainage problems are originating from and we will present a design plan to fix the issues. And for the bonus, the excess water will be re-purposed for other areas of your property where water is limited.

Landscape Drainage Services Include:

  • Surface drainage services
  • Underground drainage services
  • Resolving drainage issues by increasing or decreasing the height of garden beds and surfaces
  • Planting of flowers and shrubs that are resilient to high/low water consumption

Have Drainage Problems?

Ground water can also play an important role in drainage, and it is directly related to rainfall patterns. In the low lying areas of the South, the water table can be just inches below the surface. Such conditions create all sorts of problems for construction and limit planting options.

Rainfall is the periodic catalyst that sets drainage problems in gear. Where heavy downpours are common, poorly drained sites can become flooded for a short time if drainage structures are in place, or extended periods if they are not. Add heavy rainfall to a high water table and the potential for damage increases exponentially.

Contact Phoenix Valley Landscaping Drainage Experts to help with all your commercial landscape needs.