Hardscaping Including Natural Stone Travertine Porches,  Custom Built Fire Pits, Outdoor Kitchens, Retaining Walls and More!

Added Value with Customized Hardscaping

With PVL’s hardscaping services, you will love your surroundings.  Add value to your home or business with beautifully installed and functional outdoor hardscape installations.

Hardscaping Design and Build

Phoenix Valley Landscaping has professional hardscaping design and build services for residential and commercial clients. We can create an oasis designed to your specifications and liking. We  install outdoor kitchens and barbecue’s, fire pits, retaining walls, patios, natural stone side walks and entryway’s, gardens and more. We also specialize in installation of water features including, waterfalls and pool copings.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

We work with high-quality commercial distributors that frequently offer better-quality products and materials than retail garden centers.  Phoenix Valley Landscaping’s long-standing relationship with these distributors grant us cost savings that ultimately transfer to our customers.

Hardscape Materials

Hardscaping Pavers

Pavers are available in many shapes and sizes. They are generally admired for their durability and rich look. Often, pavers are used for hardscaping construction on patios, pool decks, coping or wall caps.

Phoenix Valley Landscaping offers several stone paver options, including the most favored, Travertine. Other options include Limestone, Marble, Slate, Bassalt, Sandstone, and Porcelain.

Hardscaping Cement Porcelain Pavers

Cement porcelain tiles, resemble the look and style of stained or stamped concrete. Porcelain tiles offer consistent color protection and can withstand high tolerances of foot traffic. Durability with class.


Phoenix Valley Landscaping has such a wide array of natural stone products in all shapes and styles. For a full description of materials and additional samples please contact us.


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