Fruitless Olive Tree Phoenix – Phoenix Valley Landscaping

Arizona Olive Trees

Beginning around 1960, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona banned and discouraged the planting and fruiting of Olive Trees. Nursuries and landscapers in these cities are no longer allowed to plant or sell olive trees that fruit. The Olive tree is known for high allergenic qualities and compromising the air quality.

Fruitless Olive Trees

Many counties in Arizona allow the planting of non pollinating Olive Trees. There are several varieties of the non pollinating Olive Tree, which is hypoallergenic. The debate with Olive trees is that over time, these trees can revert back to their natural state and begin pollinating and fruiting.

Why Fruitless Olive Trees are Desired Trees in Arizona

Olive Trees are drought tolerant, and very good options for shade trees in Arizona landscapes. Olive trees require full sun and grow well in stony, shallow soils.


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