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Create Beautiful Ground Cover by adding Boulders and Rocks to your Landscape Design

Let our experts at Phoenix Valley Landscaping add character and beauty to your landscape design with unique boulders and rocks. Our Boulder Landscape Design in Phoenix is Rock Solid! Adding rock as ground cover provides many benefits to your landscaping.We can help you use the correct rocks for your Xeriscape project as well as lighting for your pathways.

Rocks help control moisture levels by slowing down water evaporation. Rocks also hold in heat during the peak hours of the day and then slowly release it throughout the night. By creating a stable temperature and water absorption rate, plants and flowers have much better environmental conditions to thrive within. Our Rocks for Landscape Design Phoenix are Solid and provide great drainage when the monsoons come.

While there is a wide variety of boulders and rocks to choose from, a few of Arizona favorites are listed below:

Preferred Arizona Boulder Options:

Platinum Mist Marble Boulders
Sugar Plum Boulders
Jesse Red Boulders
Arizona Blond Boulders
Arizona Jade Boulders
Sedona Red Boulders
Yavapai Coral Boulders
Surface Select Granite Boulders

Preferred Arizona Rock Options:

Madison Gold Rocks
Black Cherry Rocks
Ginger Brown Rocks
Palomino Gold Rocks
Arizona Blonde Rocks
Cinnamon Brown Rocks
Sierra Verde Rocks (3″- 8″)
Jesse Red Rocks (3″- 8″)
Autumn Gold Rocks (3″- 8″)
River Rocks (Mix)
Apache Pink Rocks
Jesse Red Rocks
Yavapai Coral Rocks
Desert Spice Rocks