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Weed and Disease Control Treatment in Phoenix

Keeping your Plants, Shrubs, Trees, and Grass Free of Weeds and Disease

Keeping weeds under control is a priority in maintaining any landscape. Weeds kept to long have negative impacts on your plants and greenscapes. Weeds can quickly take over and compromise other plants in the surrounding area. Weeds take nutrients, sunlight and water away from other plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, and grass.

Phoenix Valley Landscaping uses pre-emergent herbicides to prevent weeds from germinating and  post-emergent controls. Contact us for more information and on fertilization and weed treatment options.

Disease Control

A very important component to a healthy landscape is keeping disease away from your plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. we specialize in Disease Control Treatment in Phoenix, Arizona when left untreated can spread at a rapid rate. We are a pro-active company and will do our due-diligence to inspect and encapsulate any disease ridden plants or trees we may find on your property. There are some environments that are prone to insects and disease so we monitor those areas closely with the homeowner or property manager. Lawn disease treatments are separate from fertilization and weed control, and usually require only one or two applications to be highly effective.

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